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Santa Fe Medical Center|About|News|Presbyterian is ‘rewriting the playbook’ for hospital operations

Presbyterian is ‘rewriting the playbook’ for hospital operations

August 8, 2020 Featured In the News

The pandemic has shifted hospital operations dramatically at Presbyterian, both for the short-term and the foreseeable future.

Presbyterian is incorporating many lessons learned about safer practices for patients and staff, COO Clay Holderman told Modern Healthcare.

“We don’t think hospitals will be the same after COVID,” Holderman said.

Construction of a new 11-story patient tower at Presbyterian Hospital has continued during the pandemic – with some lessons learned.

The tower, expected to open in late 2022, will include changes to increase flexibility and add safer practices for staff and patients. These include making all rooms sealed to airborne isolation standards, adding respiratory isolation units, rooms and incorporating new thinking about how to keep visitors safe in waiting areas.

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